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Good Things Are Coming!

Welcome to the journey as we continue the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake, the founder of narrative coaching.

Walk with us . . .

Moment Institute was launched in 2019 to serve the global community of practitioners who have studied narrative coaching over the past 15 years. In that time, NC has become an even more potent transformative process.

In 2020 we are taking the work further based on David's latest research and insights. We are moving beyond coaching to offer practitioners and clients a more integrative approach to healing and wholeness at all levels.

We will launch a platform to connect community members, a master program that brings together David’s entire life's work, and narrative labs to create resources to address the critical issues we face. For now, we want to give you a taste of what is to come.


. . .  and the thousands of practitioners like you whom we worked with last year.

Drawing on over 100 conversations with our community about the state of coaching and the world, we are creating a community-centered website to help practitioners deepen their mastery and develop new ways of working.

What did we learn?
Practitioners want to integrate what they know and access their wisdom, not add more stuff. They want to openly share with kindred spirits what matters most to them, not be limited by jargon. They want to bring their full humanity and step into bigger conversations, not be stuck in professional silos.

The world needs more hope not more hype. In a world that is on fire, we can no longer afford to argue over whose water is better.

Come help us develop new narratives and new practices to engage with the big issues of our time — from the deeply personal such as trauma to the profoundly global such as the climate crisis.

Come join us for a special new program!

We are calling all coaches, psychologists, HR/OD professionals, educators, and change advocates who have outgrown their professions and are ready for what is next. This includes all of you who have learned from David in the past and want to have an even greater impact with this work.

In this new program, you will be introduced to the integrative framework that underpins narrative coaching and provides the platform for a new form of professional practice. Imagine having real human conversations instead of chasing idealized states . . . Using design thinking to reduce burnout . . . Connecting your personal growth with social issues . . .

This framework was developed through an analysis of the success factors in the narrative coaching process and the research on how adults develop as well as our organizational projects: (1) leadership programs with high impact and less cost; (2) participatory culture change projects that actually worked; and (3) breakthroughs for hundreds of individual and team clients.

See below for more details. If you are in/near Australia, enroll now to get the early bird rate for The Beyond Coaching™ Experience as we launch the Tour. More dates will be announced soon for North America and Europe.


The Beyond Coaching™ Experience

Being present to WHAT IS and daring to imagine WHAT IF

We are excited to launch this new program to introduce practitioners like you to a more integrative way of working. It is timely because the needs of our clients and our world are changing faster than our traditional professions and practices. This immersive introduction brings together enlightenment and pragmatism to help you to re-imagine your work. We have designed this experience as a unique opportunity to work directly with David.


  • An introduction to the Beyond Coaching™ framework
  • An experience using its five elements to upgrade your practice
  • A template for using the framework to address a real issue
  • An overview of how to use it with internal or external clients
  • A taste of the threshold you will need to cross to work this way
  • A guide to create a sustainable work portfolio for you and the planet

This is a wonderful opportunity to take your practice to the next level and distinguish yourself in a crowded field. It gives you a valuable glimpse into our bigger program, five years in the making, that is coming soon. We kept the fee reasonable so it is available to all those who are serious about playing with us. We are co-creating new ways of working that are urgently needed in our careers and our communities.

The Beyond Coaching™ Experience

 A One-Day, In-Person Event with Dr. David Drake

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Live Event MELBOURNE, Australia

27 February 2020 

Early Bird Price: $479.00 AUD
(expires 7 February, 2020)

Regular Price$679.00 AUD

IncludesMeet and Greet (8.30–9.00am), Morning/Afternoon Tea, Light Lunch, and Monthly Webinars with Dr. Drake for the rest of 2020!

Location: Dexus Place, Level 14, 385 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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Live Event SYDNEY, Australia

29 February 2020 

Early Bird Price: $479.00 AUD
(expires 7 February 2020)

Regular Price: $679.00 AUD

Includes: Meet and Greet (8.30–9.00am), Morning/Afternoon Tea, Light Lunch, and Monthly Webinars with Dr. Drake for the rest of 2020!

Location: The HC Coombs Center, 122A Kirribilli Ave, Kirribilli NSW 2061


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Live Event Minneapolis-St. Paul USA

May 30th, 2020

Early Bird Price: $479.00 USD
(expires April 30th, 2020)

Regular Price$679.00 USD

IncludesMeet and Greet (8.30–9.00am), Coffee and Tea throughout the day, Light Lunch, and Monthly Live Webinars with Dr. Drake for the rest of 2020!

Minnesota Humanities Event Center
987 Ivy Avenue East, St. Paul, MN 55106


The Beyond Coaching™ Experience Reveal Tour

We are also coming to the following cities; enrollment will open in February.

 San Francisco: April 4th, 2020
(Venue to be announced)

We are looking at additional cities for the second half of the year. These hubs will enable us to support local connections and actions, and keep us in integrity with our ecological and social values.

Let's Keep in Touch

For those of you who are active in our community, we wholeheartedly thank you. This first phase of our new website is what you have been waiting for, and there is much more to come very soon! If you have colleagues who would resonate with what we are doing, pass the link — — on to them so they can find out more and sign up themselves.

For those of you who have experienced this work in the past, we would love to reconnect with you. Sign up below if you are not already part of our global community to learn how you can rekindle the magic of this work in 2020.

For those of you who are new to this work, welcome! We are confident you will appreciate the like-minded souls who are gathered here and what we are co-creating. This is a home where you can discover what is beyond coaching as we know it and learn how to create real change in real time. If this sounds like you, sign up below to start your journey with us.

Everyone who signs up before January 29, 2020 will receive one of David's favorite articles! It offers you a simple yet powerful tool you can use to increase the somatic awareness and attachment security in your clients.


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