Opportunity to Partner with Me

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are doing well and are ready for a fantastic new year.

I wanted to personally reach out and invite you to an exciting new opportunity for partnership.

In the next few weeks, I will be re-launching one of my most transformative programs called Narrative Coach. This program will enable coaches to to gain insights into a more fluid, experiential coaching process to uncover, understand and change what truly drives human behavior.

To introduce the program, I’ll be working with World Business Executive Coaches (WBECS) to teach a complimentary 90 minute Live Immersion Experience on Narrative Coach principles.

During this Immersion Experience you will learn a simple, yet effective process that you can use for yourself and your clients to shift from reactive to proactive states when triggered and so much more.

Want to join me in spreading the word about this transformative training?

I would love to invite you to become an official partner for Narrative Coach and help me raise the global standards of coaching.

As an official partner, your only responsibility will be simply letting your friends and colleagues know about this valuable, no-cost training, with made-for-you-materials already created by me and the WBECS team. That’s it!

There are many benefits to joining us in partnership which you can see here. Sharing the information is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Ready to join us? To become an official partner, simply email partners@wbecs.com with the subject line “I’m IN for Partnership” and we’ll get you signed up!

Once confirmed as an official Narrative Coach partner, our Head of Partnerships, Kristen Nolan, will be taking care of you and supporting you in everything you need. Feel free to reach out to her personally at partners@wbecs.com with any questions you might have.

Thank you for your continued support and trust! Here’s to an impactful collaboration to support the growth of what is possible for coaches and through coaching.

Kind regards,

Dr. David Drake

PS: To learn more about being a partner for this powerful program launch and all the benefits that come with it, you can download our Official Narrative Coach Partner Guide here!

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