David B. Drake

David completed his PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University in 2003, culminating with a dissertation on the transformative power of narratives in coaching. This built on his previous experience as a grief worker, educator, and change expert. Rites of passage became central to his work in "structured emergence", as seen in his seminal work in narrative design and narrative coaching.  

David has worked with over 70 organizations, primarily through the infusion of narrative practices and coaching in how they approach change and leadership development. His clients include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Google, Logitech, Nike, PwC, Westpac and state and federal governments in Australia and the United States. He is a master coach and has taught coaching to over 15,000 leaders, managers and professionals in twenty countries.
David is a Fellow and Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. He has contributed to the evolution of coaching over the past twenty years through his pioneering work in attachment theory, mindfulness in motion, the Shadow and advanced narrative practices. He is a regular presenter at professional conferences and people appreciate his authentic presence, capacity for serious play, and hard-earned wisdom.
He is the author of over 50 publications, including as lead editor of The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching (2008, Jossey-Bass), co-editor of SAGE Handbook of Coaching (Sage, 2016), and author of Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2nd ed) (CNC Press, 2018).