What is Narrative Coaching?

Narrative coaching's mindful, experiential, and holistic approach helps people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results.

Narrative coaching is a mindful, experiential, and holistic approach that helps people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results. 

It allows coaches to shed much of what they thought coaching had to be and free themselves to engage more fully and simply with another human being. To appreciate the value of the Narrative Coaching Experience, read this parable from one of our participants.

Developed through 20 years of study and experimentation, narrative coaching blends principles and practices from psychology, anthropology, and ancient wisdom. Its deep roots and integrative approach means that people can create more sustainable results in less time.

It is based in the rites of passage framework and supports change as a natural human process. It is a minimalist, non-dogmatic and pragmatic approach that gets to the crux of issues and provides structure for the emergence of their resolution.

There are six narrative coaching principles:

  • Trust that everything you need is right in front of you.

  • Be fully present to what IS, without judgment.

  • Speak only when you can improve on silence.

  • Focus on generating experiences not explanations.

  • Work directly with the narrative elements in the field.

  • Stand at the threshold when a new story is emerging.

Ultimately, narrative coaching is an experiential and developmental process of awakening - to what is true, what is possible, what matters, and what works. Learn more about the development and implementation of narrative coaching in the second edition of David’s book Narrative Coaching: The definitive guide to bringing new stories to life.

Experience this work

How can I experience this work?

Dr. David Drake is the founder of Narrative Coaching and has taught it to over 15,000 people in twenty countries. He is its most prolific author and passionate advocate. Narrative coaching is the most-well known application of David's work in Narrative Design over the past twenty years.

If you want to experience this work for yourself, attend one of Moment Institute’s Crossing Your Next Threshold workshop-style retreats. You will engage in a series of powerful practices within a strong community of peers and make lasting shifts in your Narrative DNA, which culminate in real and important changes in how you live and work. 

Retreats are held around the globe, hosted by David himself over three days, and have been described by graduates as “THE most important workshop you will ever attend.” Learn more about Threshold Retreats.

Learn this work

How can I be trained as a Narrative Coach?

Practitioners who coach and want to learn how to bring Narrative Coaching into their practice will find great value in the six-month, online Narrative Coach program. It is a rich and in-depth opportunity to learn the essentials of this work with hundreds of colleagues from around the world. 

It is produced and facilitated by David in collaboration with the WBECS Group. Together, we also offer the first-ever Certification as a Narrative Coach. 

Registration for the 2019 cohort will start in September. Check it out!