About Moment Institute

Our Mission & Vision

We work with practitioners who have stopped chasing and who are willing to stand still and be fully present to what the moments is calling for. They see clearly that the old ways we developed ourselves and thought of our professions are no longer enough. They know in their bones that perfecting our marshmallows is pointless when the world is on fire.

Through working with us they have come to see the power in de-cluttering their practice and trusting that everything they need is right in front of them. They have put down their brushes and are no longer willing to spend their one precious life repainting the horses on the perpetual merry-go-round yet again.

Through working with others like them, they are developing new narratives about what is possible in their practice and for their clients. They are free to live and work with more compassion, more clarity and more courage.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading resource for facilitating real change in real time and, in so doing, plant seeds in millions of moments to create a more sustainable future. We develop people who work at critical THRESHOLDS — eg, between life/death, trauma/healing, old institutions/new ecosystems.

Moment Institute builds on David's work as the founder of narrative coaching and integrative development through a growing global community. We operate with what we call enlightened pragmatism, the art and science of being and serving in profoundly new ways as we address the real issues of our time.

Our totally upgraded website (launching late 2019) will feature personal development and professional development programs for practitioners who want to work this way and a guild through which they can partner with David and others to bring new stories to life.

While best known as the founder of Narrative Coaching, I have studied human dynamics for over 30 years. I launched Moment Institute to bring this interdisciplinary approach to the world at a time when we need new narratives about what it means to be human together.
David Drake

Our mission can be seen in the lotus as our logo. We are grounded in the mud of our shared humanity (what is), yet reach for the light of our deepest hopes (what if). What would you do if you had a community like this behind you?

CNC Press

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The Moment Institute is also the home of CNC Press, the publisher of David’s books and other licensed materials by David and members of the Institute community. To learn more about Narrative Coaching, pick up a copy of David’s latest book: Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life Second Edition.