About Moment Institute

Our Mission & Vision

We help practitioners and teams design new narratives that free them to live and work with more compassion, courage and clarity in any moment. 

Our vision is to be the world’s leading resource for facilitating real change in real time and, in so doing, to plant the seeds for a more sustainable future.

Moment Institute has grown from its roots as a boutique consulting firm and 15 years as the Center for Narrative Coaching and Design; it is the culmination of David's lifetime work.

The Institute offers programs and community for practitioners who want to integrate what they know at a higher level and learn transformative narrative practices to address the key issues of our time.

The Institute is also working with other pioneers seeking to develop people in new ways using our work. Early projects include:

  • A school district in Australia reinventing how children learn at school
  • A government in Australia developing indigenous leaders in the public sector
  • A start-up in France building an AI-based coaching system
While best known as the founder of Narrative Coaching, I have studied human dynamics for over 30 years. I launched Moment Institute to bring this interdisciplinary approach to development and change to the world at a time when we need new narratives and new ways of working that transcend traditional boundaries.
David Drake

The work of the Institute is the foundation for narrative coaching and our ongoing study of how to facilitate real change in real time.

We are calling for a return to more natural human rhythms and the rise of practitioners who can walk alongside people in new and powerful ways. Our commitment can be seen in the lotus as our logo. We are grounded in the mud of our shared humanity (what is), yet reach for the light of our deepest hopes (what if).

CNC Press

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The Moment Institute is also the home of CNC Press, the publisher of David’s books and other licensed materials by David and members of the Institute community. To learn more about Narrative Coaching, pick up a copy of David’s latest book: Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life Second Edition.