Narrative Design allows for each person to forge a path based on the desired outcome. 

Our learning programs help you integrate what you know at a higher level and break through to liberate your gifts. As a result, you will travel more lightly, work more gracefully, and serve others more powerfully.  

In our programs, you will work directly with David, get exclusive access to the inner workings of Narrative Design, and make powerful new choices about how you will live and work in the world. Our programs are meant to be experienced in sequence. They are:






Threshold Retreats

Retreats are open to anyone who is familiar with David’s work and is ready to take a big step forward. They are highly experiential personal development workshops, with minimal teaching, that result in powerful breakthroughs to new ways of being and working in the world.

Learn more about the Retreat content, dates and pricing here.


Threshold Guild

in early 2020 we will be launching a new program to develop faculty who can teach narrative coaching or facilitate retreats. We will also be launching a second mastermind-style lab in which advanced students of this work will develop new products and programs to take this work into new areas. Our focus is on what we call threshold workers, those working at the boundaries of professions, at the frontiers of new ways of being together as humans, and in the in-between places along the way. We are planning to launch one cohort in North America and one cohort in Australasia. These first cohorts of will become part of our Guild as ambassadors for this work and the Institute.

This is an exciting opportunity to expand the depth and reach of this work both academically and pragmatically. It comes at a time when we need new ways to address the issues we face.

Stay tuned for details!

You can dance in a hurricane,
but only if you are standing in the eye.
Brandi Carlile

What our program attendees are saying

David lives, eats, and breathes narrative; it’s what he does and who he is. It is like he can see into people’s souls through their narratives and help them see all of who they truly are.
— Donna Karlin
This experience was transformative and inspiring in deeply, meaningful ways. The narrative coaching movement has huge potential for global impact at a time when the planet cries out for a new human story.
— Community Innovator
For me, this was a very personal experience, and it has created a strong and irreversible desire to change things in my life. This work will help me change the way I manage and coach my team—and do so with a deeper sense of purpose.
— Corporate Leader
David has taught me to listen with my full attention. As a result, I notice what’s not being said and gently bring it to my client’s attention. Each time it has resulted in a cathartic moment that took us in a whole new direction with more meaning and energy than ever before. It simply works. His guidance has changed the way I work.
— Anon.
This retreat was beyond my expectations. The safe and loving container David provides for transformation is unlike anything I’ve experienced. His ability to hold space for participants is AMAZING! The narrative process is enlightening and empowering. I gained clarity of purpose and a new, more meaningful, direction for my work!
— Workshop Facilitator
One of the best — possibly THE best workshop — I have ever attended. David is bold and sincere. He practices what he preaches. Gently and persistently, he focused us to stand in the moment so that new thoughts, stories and experiences could emerge. It was life-changing.
— Therapist & Author