Narrative Design allows for each person to forge a path based on the desired outcome. 

Our Learning Series helps you integrate what you know at a higher level and break through to liberate your gifts. As a result, you will travel more lightly, work more gracefully, and serve others more powerfully.  

In each of our three programs, you will work directly with David, get exclusive access to the inner workings of Narrative Design, and make powerful new choices about how you will live and work in the world. Our programs are meant to be experienced in sequence. They are:








Threshold Retreats

Retreats are open to anyone who is familiar with David’s work and is ready to take a big step forward. They are highly experiential personal development workshops, with minimal teaching, that result in powerful breakthroughs to new ways of being and working in the world.

Learn more about the Retreat content, dates and pricing here.


Threshold Labs

We will unveil our new Threshold Labs at the end of 2018 and open up applications to everyone who has attended a Threshold Retreat. 

These are 10-month programs designed for those who want to deepen their mastery of this work and take it into the market in one or more ways. The Labs will feature a core curriculum along with four specialty tracks: facilitating retreats, supervising practitioners, innovating services, and launching projects. 

We will also offer ongoing programs and support to further the work of each module and the ongoing growth of our graduates.

More details on the program, its benefits and our vision will be released by September 1, 2018, including a low-cost introductory experience for those who want to try it out for themselves.

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Threshold Guild

The Guild is for Lab graduates who want to stay in community, contribute to the global body of work, further their projects, and work on bigger initiatives with David and/or others. 

This is an exciting opportunity to expand the depth and reach of this work both academically and pragmatically. It comes at a time when we need new ways to address the issues we face. Our mission is to develop a new breed of practitioners who can support the people and initiatives that are building new bridges to a new future.

The Guild will launch in 2019 with the first cohorts who complete the Lab. Stay tuned for details!

You can dance in a hurricane,
but only if you are standing in the eye.
Brandi Carlile