The Institute is forming strategic partnerships with organizations around the world in support of its mission to increase the reach and impact of narrative design and coaching. We will be showcasing these projects in the coming months, but for now here are some highlights:

  • Working with WBECS to bring narrative coaching onto a truly global platform and offer the first-ever certification

  • Working with a French startup to integrate narrative coaching into their AI-based coaching application

  • Working with an Australian independent school using narrative coaching to reinvent how kids learn together

  • Working with an Australian government body to develop indigenous leadership in the public sector

  • Working with a group of experts to host a global summit on the future of transformative story work

We are also working with leaders in select organizations who are committed to helping us become better humans and live more sustainable lives. As we know well from our own experience – it is not easy to go first, take a stand for what is right, or dare to dream of a better world. We are honored to walk alongside other pioneers, big and small, and serve them as their coach, advisor and guide. We are passionate about and skilled at helping them bring their new story to life.


We work with leading organizations ready to think about change management in whole new ways. We collaborate with them to take an integrative approach in which training, coaching and OD come together to bring about real change in real time. We are only interested in doing so with organizations who see the future as their business. Our human fate is at stake.

We also coach teams, leaders and fellow pioneers who humbly recognize the symbiotic relationship between the depth of their personal mastery and the depth of their social impact. We are using our 20+ years of experience with clients like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dropbox, Google, Logitech, Nike, PwC, and dozens of government agencies to develop hand-chosen practitioners to bring this work to their world to help solve real problems.

Research and Development

To support our mission, Moment Institute supports ongoing research and development on narrative design and coaching. We are keen to increase our collective understanding of how to facilitate real change in real time for ourselves and others. 

This will include ongoing work by David as well as by members of our community who are coming together as a cooperative. We will launch a pilot program later this year to offer small R&D grants for graduate students and other scholar-practitioners. If you are interested, please contact us using the form below. Thank you.