Threshold Retreats

Join us in 2019! We’re offering Threshold Retreats in select locations in the USA and Australia.

Our intimate retreats provide the tools for taking the next important step in business or in life. Free up energy to do what matters most to you NOW.


The Retreat Experience

Retreats follow the Narrative Coaching flow, but focus on the transition process that takes place within rather than educating participants in Narrative Coaching methods. Through a series of powerful processes, you'll begin to shift your Narrative DNA

These retreats offer a very rare opportunity to work with David live and are hosted in locations around the globe.


Cross Your Next Threshold

We invite you to join us at a Threshold Retreat in 2019. Registration is now open for Retreats in the cities below.


What Attendees Are Saying

“One of the best - possibly THE best workshop - I have ever attended. David focused us to stand in the moment so that new thoughts, stories and experiences could emerge. It was life-changing.”
Linda, Consultant and Author
“The processes and guidance that have supported me to re-author my story have been truly pivotal. The shift has been profound and sustainable.”
Kim, Australia
“I gained enormous insight into the importance of this work right now, to its power, depth, and, at its heart, simplicity. A month later and the work we did still resonates on a daily basis, personally and professionally.”
Robert, educator
“The way the process has been curated is truly impactful. This retreat gives you an appreciation for the field like no other retreat or model can.”
Vicky, writer, speaker, coach, mentor